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My Goals working as your councilor:

My overall goal:  To promote the well-being of Bath residents across the lifespan, from young families to older adults through these specific goals.

 1) To explore ways to promote traffic calming and safe walking options, especially in the South End as the Traffic Study is undertaken.
2) To keep ongoing communications going with Ward 1 residents by a variety of means including possibly community conversations, face to face & electronic contact, etc. where possible;  and to use that input to shape the new Comprehensive Plan and Traffic Study.  Also to embed concepts of “livability for all” in the Comprehensive Plan so it serves the broadest array of residents.
3) To explore ways to balance our housing needs and opportunities so that older adults can age comfortably where they choose; young families can find stable housing while creating financial security; and so that Bath can continue to support a strong middle class.  To explore strategies other places have used to accomplish this, especially “livability and age friendliness”.

4) To work for the ongoing economic vitality of Bath and its downtown, particularly in light of the changes in technology, the sharing economy, the retail marketplace and the longevity economy affecting it.   To promote exploratory education about what challenges and opportunities these shifts may offer.  

5) To promote learning about the development of safe, intergenerational play spaces that encourage healthy activity and social connections across multiple generations.

Contact Me

via email:  pbailey@cityofbath.com or through the City of Bath website.

My Committee Assignments

I am now a member of the Transportation Committee,  the Appointment Screening Committee, the Welfare Review Board, and the Sagadahoc County Budget Advisory Committee.  I have also joined the steering committee of the ad hoc group exploring Age Friendly & Livable Community initiatives in Bath.

*** Don’t forget you can watch Bath City Council meetings live or through web archives via Bath Community Television. ***

My Background:

  • Worked in for-profit companies on business problems – including how to help older adults age how & where they chose; and how to help employees balance work & care-giving to a loved one.
  • Director of a national aging in place program for policyholders of a long term care insurance company. My team serves the U.S. from a satellite office in Freeport, ME.
  • Bath resident for 11 years after coming as a summer visitor 35 years ago. Married 30 years to my husband, Kevin Connors.
  • Graduate of Leadership Maine Program, Pi Class, of the Maine Development Foundation. M.S.W from Catholic University, with Management major. Community Economic Development classes at SNHU.
  • 35+ years experience running business enterprises and creating jobs. kayak
  • The ability to assess opportunities and develop solid, meaningful options.
  • Entrepreneurial thinking and collaborative problem solving.
  • Commitment to our quality of life and place!

These public servants from Maine inspire me and shape my thinking:

IMG_1210 (2)“Most of the problems upon this planet,…have been met and solved either partially or as whole by experiment based on common sense and carried out with courage.” Ms. Frances Perkins, primary architect of Social Security, and U.S. Secretary of Labor 1933-1945.

“The best way of foretelling the future is to help create it.”Sen. Margaret Chase Smith.

Articles I have written

Here is an article I wrote recently about the stress that the middle class here and across the country is feeling:

The Shrinking Middle Class in the Times Record newspaper, June 26, 2017.

Honored Citizens: Talking About the Concept of Age”. This is an article about re-considering how we think and talk about age that I recently wrote for a corporate newsletter.

Solid factual information gives us all the ability to make choices and decisions in our best interests. This brief article “What Difference Does It Make If You Are Admitted Or Under Observation? lays out some of the challenges, especially financial, posed when people insured by Medicare seek care in a hospital and are not necessarily admitted, but rather are placed in “observation” status.

Why I am running”  This is an article I wrote after announcing my candidacy.

I am blessed with great family support!

We have a great quality of life and also face challenges on the horizon. I am open to your ideas and ready to listen. Let’s work on our future together.


“After selling Phyllis her home many years ago, I had the chance to see her work on some issues in our community. She impressed me with her diligence, her openness to hearing both sides and her focus on getting the facts. Her sense of balance and fairness is a real asset.” ~ Diane Moyer

“We support Phyllis Bailey for City Council because of her dedication to helping work for a safe and affordable quality of life for our local community.” ~ Rebecca Farnham Porter & Dave Porter

“I support Phyllis Bailey for City Council because I see her as an insightful, compassionate problem solver. Also, we sing in a choir together, and I know her to be a woman of harmony!” ~ Mrs. Sally Gray

“As neighbors of Phyllis, we know of her love for the City of Bath and her personal commitment to having a positive impact in the community. Who better to be on the City Council than a hard working professional and a genuinely good person who will do her best for Bath and its unique community.” ~ Annemarie Poulin and Judi Flannery

“I have known Phyllis for several years now, and am impressed at her intellect and clarity of thought. I would be excited to see her go to work for Bath. She has my vote.” ~ Carl S. Graffam

“Phyllis Bailey would be a great addition to Bath City Council because she is open to ideas, willing to work on collaborative solutions, and has a long history of experience working on initiatives to give older adults choices about how they want to age.” ~ Debora Keller, Bath

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